Alco is an employee owned diverse manufacturing company compromised of 7 operating companies with  8 facilities in North America and sales to over 85 countries.   Our products and processes are unique or specialized and our focus is on niche market segments where we can bring value. Our portfolio of companies remains a vital source of innovation and competitiveness with active contributions to research and development, productivity growth and exports.  We are dynamic and agile in providing greater product variation and customer service in keeping pace with challenging environments.

As an employee owned company, our success is derived from our qualified workers and our responsive managers who attract other top performers.  We keep jobs and investments local.  We provide job security for our employees and we offer attractive benefits. Business cycles are minimized with continuously enhanced performance.

As the original founder of Alco Standard, Tinkham Veale II, wrote, “We never forget that it is the personal touch that makes our individual businesses successful and that same spirit and caring is what makes Alco what it is today”.